Municipal Services

Public Works

Our Public Works Department, located at 2373 Chiswick Line, is responsible for the maintenance of all publicly maintained roads in the Township as well as bridges, culverts, ditches, etc. Their regular hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The staff consists of an Operations Superintendent, Shawn Hughes, and a Assistant Public Works Supervisor, two full-time equipment operators, a grader operator.

They can be reached through the township office at (705) 724-3526 or
For after hours public works issues call the after hours line (705) 223-0250
Service Requests can now be submitted online.

Spring Load Restrictions are every year between March and May. It is in effect once the signs are posted at the entrances of the Township.

The Township enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect the Township's roadways during the spring thaw when road damage is most likely to occur.

Reduced load limits are in effect where and when signs are posted depending on the road and weather conditions.

The Township is required to maintain the roads according to the Minimum Maintenance Standards on Municipal Highways, Ontario Regulation 239/02, as amended.
The Township’s Winter Road Maintenance Policy describes the maintenance standards and procedures based on a priority system according to road class and public need. Snowplowing and sanding/salting operations are initiated according to a priority system that takes into account the volume of traffic on the road and the importance of the road in the overall road system, and these operations are always well above the provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards.