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Here's how your property taxes are allocated:

Departments Amount Allocated
Public Works $0.00
Administration and General Government $0.00
Environmental $0.00
Fire Department $0.00
Council and Election $0.00
Health/Social/Recreation/Planning $0.00
Other $0.00
Total: Departments $0.00
Agencies and Boards Amount Allocated
Cassellholme $0.00
Conservation Authority $0.00
Social Services Administration Board $0.00
Health Unit $0.00
Policing $0.00
Library Board $0.00
Total: Agencies and Boards $0.00
Calculations are based on the 0 Tax Rates.Budget Total $0.00

Note: This calculator provides estimates only. Tax bills containing your final tax amount are mailed out by the Treasury Department, and may differ from those presented by this calculator. Due to variances in rounding, actual allocations may differ slightly. Also, tax amount applies only to the assessed value referred to above and does not include any special charges (garbage and recycling fees) and credit amounts or levies that are part of the capping calculation.