Municipal Services

Current Fire Rating

Low Fire Rating
No Daytime burning permitted. Open Air burning permitted from 6pm to 6am with a permit. Campfires do not require a permit.

Emergency Services

According to By-law 2022-05, being a by-law to establish Open Air Burning Procedures in the Township of Chisholm and the precautions to be observed, all persons setting an open air fire in the Township of Chisholm between the 1st day of April and the 31st day of October shall first obtain a fire permit. The material to be burned shall be limited to grass and wood or by-products of wood. Any burning from November 1st to March 31st, does not require a permit and is not restricted by any times of the day.

Emergency services are readily available in Chisholm Township. We have 9-1-1 service, as well as Ambulance, Fire and Police.

9-1-1 provides instant access to emergency services.  It should be used for immediate police, fire and ambulance response in a life threatening situation. It is important that the public use the system correctly. If the service is flooded with non-emergency calls, then it will be difficult for people with real emergencies to get through in a life or death situation.

In April of 1993 Chisholm Township supported the formation of the community Policing Committee and the partnership with the North Bay Detachment of the O.P.P.

The Committee’s mandate is to encourage a sense of pride and commitment in the Township as a safe and secure place to live; to work with the Community, Council and the O.P.P. to establish needs and to advocate for resolution of these identified needs; to speak on behalf of the community on issues related to quality of life, safety and security as reflected in the above; devise and run Public Safety Programs such as Rural Watch, Crime Prevention Education, and First Aid Courses.

The Committee is composed of interested people living in the Township with a representative selected by each key group or organization in the community where possible, plus one member of Council and one representative from the North Bay Detachment of the O.P.P.

Meetings are held the first Monday of every second month, at 7:00 p.m. in the council Chambers (except during summer months) with an Annual General Meeting and election of Officers in June of each year.

This is a non-profit organization which rallies the community, the news media and the police in a collective campaign against crime. Phone 705-476-8477 or 1-800-222-8477 if you have information to report.

Chisholm Township has an Emergency Plan to be utilized in an emergency situation. The aim of this plan is to make provision for the extraordinary arrangements and measures that may have to be taken to protect the health, safety, welfare, environment and economic health of the residents, businesses and visitors of the Township when faced with an emergency situation.
Copies of the 2019 Plan are available at the Township Office or at the Emergency Plan section below.
Hydro One Information
For information in the event of an emergency or power interruption, Hydro One encourages you to take moment to visit
Be Bear Wise: Admire them, respect them, but please, DO NOT feed them!
In an immediate emergency, contact the OPP or dial 9-1-1.
To report bear problems, contact the Bear Reporting Line at 1-866-514-BEAR (2327)
(TTY) 705 945-7641.

Chisholm Township is served by officers working out of the North Bay Detachment of the OPP, North East Region.  In a situation requiring police assistance, dial 9-1-1 or phone 1-888-310-1122.  For the hearing impaired, the number to phone in an emergency is 1-800-461-6778.