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The Ontario Building Code Act and Code are Regulations that are set in place by the Province of Ontario. Under the requirements of this Act, Municipalities are responsible for the enforcement of the Act, Code and governing regulations. The Building Code sets minimum standards, which ensures public safety and uniformity in the construction industry.

Building permits are required for:

  • The construction of a new home;
  • An addition (of any size) to an existing building, including residential, commercial and farm buildings, decks, swimming pools, storage buildings, garages, etc;
  • Renovations or alterations to existing buildings depending of the change and type of materials used;
  • The construction of any structure/accessory building *(garage, shed, etc.) with an area greater than 161 square feet;
  • The construction of farm buildings.
  • A permit is also required for demolition of a building, as well as for re-shingling a roof.**
Please note:  It is very important when submitting an Application for a Building Permit that you make sure all the necessary forms are filled out and that you are submitting all of the required paperwork. (See below)

* Please noteAccording to By-law No. 91-08, “An accessory building or structure may only be located after the main use has been erected.”

** If it's only a small repair job on a roof, please contact the Chief Building Official, Paul Gervais, at 705-752-2740 and if a permit is not needed, he will issue a letter to permit you to take the old shingles to the landfill site.  Without a permit or a letter, no shingles will be accepted at the landfill.**


Building Permit Applications can be obtained at the Township Office or below. Applications from the North-Mattawa Conservation Authority for construction or alteration of a sewage disposal system are also available at the office or at

Entrance Permit

Building By-law

Requirements to Obtain a Building Permit

Building Permit Application (2020)

Building Fees

Building Permit Fee Annual Report is issued pursuant to the requirements of Section 7(4) of the Building Code Act, as amended. This report sets out the Total Fees collected, a summary of the indirect and direct costs of administration and enforcement and the statement of reserve funds for building services.

Building Permit Fee Annual Report 2014

Building Permit Fee Annual Report 2015

Building Permit Fee Annual Report 2016

Building Permit Fee Annual Report - 2017

 The Planning Department deals with the following situations:
  • Consents/Severance applications 
  • Minor Variances 
  • Lakeshore Road Allowance 
  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Official Plan Policies
For a copy of the Consent (Severance) Application, click on the 'Application for Consent' and 'MDS I Sheet' links below. The other application forms are available at the office for now. Please call the Clerk-Treasurer at 705-724-3526 if you require further information about the planning process.
** The Township now has a policy requiring a pre-consultation interview for the following: Official Plan Amendment; Zoning By-law Amendment; Minor Variance or Permission; as well as Consent to Sever land/Lots/Rights of Way. Please refer to the "Development Application Pre-Consultation Checklist" below.
As a result of adopting a new Official Plan, Council also adopted a new Zoning By-law to implement the policies of the Plan. A copy of the By-law as well as ZB Schedules A to C are included in the Tab below.

Development Application Pre-consultation Checklist

Application for Consent

Application for Consent - Fillable PDF

Application for Minor Variance or for Permission

Application to Purchase Lakeshore or Road Allowance

MDS I Data Sheet

Public Notice of Application

Public Meeting March 12, 2024 - Zoning By-law Amendment


Mandatory Septic Inspections

In January 2011, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing revised the Ontario Building Code (OBC), creating “mandatory maintenance inspections” for all septic systems in Ontario identified as a “significant threat” to drinking water sources. If this pertains to your property you may have received a letter this year explaining that your septic was to be inspected. For a copy of this letter and flyer please see Planning Documents section of this page. Should you have questions or would like more information please call North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority.