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Top Quality Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

Top Quality Replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches "Pepsi-bezeled"

Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Some people say this is a matter of taste, personal taste is always different. However, if you are talking about Rolex GMT-Master, then there is only one correct answer. Although the manufacturer produced a version with red and black GMT edges called "Coke", the first GMT-Master in 1955 used a red and blue scale for 24-hour display and was nicknamed "Pepsi". The brand new Pepsi GMT-Master II reproduces the classic in its original form.

This is the beginning of everything. Model 6542 is the first GMT-Master ever and is a tool table to assist commercial pilots in their work. More than 60 years later, the design is very similar to that of the modern Pepsi Cola replica GMT-Master II. Among the many things Rolex does, one can see how the replica Rolex GMT-Master design has subtly influenced the two parts of the day and night, as well as the 24-hour hands, over the years for watchmakers and helped create create a category. In addition to the pilot watch halo, the high color ring recognition also contributes to the popularity of GMT-Master.

Rolex adapted Pepsi very carefully until 2007. But later Rolex introduced a ceramic bezel. On the steel version of replica Rolex GMT Master II it is necessary to put Pepsi aside. In 2013, Rolex solved one of the problems and first appeared two-tone ceramic scales - blue and black. This very popular steel GMT-Master II is called "Batman". In 2014, Rolex was able to create the required red color, and the company re-introduced the much-loved red and blue Pepsi ring on the platinum watch.

Like the steel version, the replica rolex gmt 6542 case is 38 mm. The original 6542 gold frame is also Bakelite, although not blue and red, but wine red brown. The 6542 gold dial comes with two dials. The version we use here has a lighter champagne dial, but the 6542 gold dial also has a dark brown dial, which is more like the tone of the Burgundy brown bezel.

It looks great and looks like we hope. What we don't understand is that it is difficult to make blue / red borders. This is the opinion of the lord of pop music. If you want to know the time of different regions on Earth, such as the airport of arrival and departure, GMT-Master can help you a lot. Replica GMT meets the special requirements of airline pilots and many small businesses. The replica watches have become classic and have a timeless look, not just retro. If you want to know more replica Rolex watches, click on https://www.hontwatches.to

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